About me



I'm a photographer working from a farm base in the Lake District in England. 

New book! 


published by Ten O'Clock Books 


Foreword by Joel Meyerowitz 

A limited edition of 450, sixty-four page 8"×10" cloth-bound hardback publication. 

"Twelve years in the making, Cowspines by Kate Kirkwood is a body of landscape photography like no other. Kate’s project is an obsession born out of a love of the Lake District and the elements, and an appreciation of the titular subject matter that forms the basis of each image.

Kate’s cow spine images give us that jolt of surprise, that sudden rush of breath signaling shock and amazement at what we are seeing; they remind us of the power that ordinary reality has to astonish us. — Joel Meyerowitz 

"The land, the weather, the animals... Kate intimately captures the essence of the subject matter through her careful arrangement of these three intertwined elements. From page to page, these compositions transcend mere landscape photography and form an intimate relationship with the viewer." 

To order please go to my wonderful publishers: www.tenoclockbooks.com 


"The work is deep, quiet, strongly felt and full of a connection to things, the land, the creatures and the hours lived on, with and among them all."  

Joel Meyerowitz